Welcome to my blog. This is basically where I record all the little things that I think may be of interest to my visitors, or just the things that I find interesting. Get the latest insights on new paintings and procucts, gossip from the shows, and anything else that may spring to mind. Whatsmore you can sift through it all to the bits that really interest you using the nifty keword tags! 
It's The Queen of England's Platinum Jubilee. 70 years on the throne! Well we must celebrate, so we're marking the occasion with a good old fashioned, ever so British, raffle! 
The Prize? 
A £70, YES £70,  
voucher to spend at Lauren's Cows. 
We're Finalists! 
Start pouring the champagne- we have exciting news.  
We are exceptionally happy to announce that Lauren's Cows are Finalists in the 2022 North West Family Business Awards!  
We're heading to Worcestershire to take part in the Royal Horticulture Society's spring flower show.  
Join us for a fantastic weekend of gardens, talks from the experts and of course shopping!  
5th-8th May 2022 
Three Counties Showground 
WR13 6NW  
You might love it, you might hate it but it's here! Whether you believe in Valentine's day or not it's time to swallow your pride and share the love! So who's your special person? Hubby, girfriend, partner, bestfriend, pet, SELF! Whoever it is let's get loved up! 
As a Brit I’m always very jealous at this time of year of Thanksgiving! It all looks so scrumptious! So when I stumbled across the recipe for Honeyed Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 
in my local COOP magazine I just have to give them a go! After all biscuits are my FAVOURITE thing. 
I also get to use my fab new Lauren's Cows Oven Gloves! 
Coop Pumpkin Cookies Recipe
As a Brit I’m always very jealous at this time of year of Thanksgiving! It all looks so scrumptious! So when I stumbled across the recipe for Honeyed Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 
in my local COOP magazine I just have to give them a go! After all biscuits are my FAVOURITE thing. 
I also get to use my fab new Lauren's Cows Oven Gloves! 
The First Pumpkin
The pumpkin has become the symbol of Halloween, from horror films, to carving competitions and of course tasty autumn dishes, the Pumpkin is KING of October. But have you ever wondered about the origins of the Halloween Pumpkin?  
Well I decided to look things up for you! 
Lilly has already made a big impact in the Lauren's Cows herd bringing smiles to all. The first painting since my return from maternity leave she's a breath of fresh air and the best welcome back to the studio! 
Now it's time to share a little more of Lilly, from Amy's Happy Highlands story... 
Say hello to Lilly... 
Send a Smile! 
Anyone else feeling a little bit bored? The highlight of my day is seeing the postman coming down the street and hoping he has something in his bag for me! He does! what can it be, what can it be!? 
Bill, bill, Bank Statement, Advert then…A little brown envelope, my friends handwriting, a little hand drawn rainbow on the seal! My day just got 1000 x better! So just what is it that post feels more needed and appreciated, more than ever before? 
Christmas Kitchen Must Haves! 
It's December and our kitchens are filling with those delicious Festive smells as mince pies are filled, gingerbread men are iced and Florentines are slathered in chocolate! Not to mention that lovely Turkey dinner that awaits us! Well how about some friends to keep you company while you cook? 
Even better these helping hands won't try to sneak a lick of a spoon, just look mooootiful! 
Can we get a YE HAW! 
Every 4th Saturday of July is dedicated to one of the most iconic characters in history, the Cow Boy.  
But what about the Cow Girls?  
Read the story of one of the most famed Cow Girls the world has known.  
It's 14th July and you know what that means! 
I got in touch with some of my favourite farmers from across the country to see why they love cows so much! 
I don’t know what the rule is when it comes to being a Mother. Does the baby have to be born yet, or does pregnancy count too? Well I’m 5 1/2 months pregnant and I’m calling it! Happy Mother’s Day to ME! 
If ever you have a spare moment to read a blog post please make it this one. A tribute to a friend, gone but not forgotten. 

  Nathan Atkinson 1992-2019 

Love is in the air and I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my all time love... The COW! Cows get a lot of bad press at the moment as we concentrate on environmental issues such as green house gasses and deforestation.  
That's why Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything wonderful about the cow and show them some much deserved love! 
Bespoke Christmas Cows  
Just For You! 
Did you know that Lauren's Cows offers a Christmas Card personalistation service? Fantastic for businesses, large families or even Christmas Party invites. We will print your bespoke message inside the Cow Card of your choice, provide the envelopes and post them straight to your door. Then all you have to do is send them out! 
Tiny Art for a Tremendous Cause 
I am thrilled to announce that a completely one off, never seen before piece of Lauren's Cows art will be being auctioned off as part of this years National Doodle Day in support of Epilepsy. 
National Doodle Day 2019
We can now frame that picture for you! 
For a long time our customers have been requesting frames and we just haven't had the right equipment to do it! However after a lot of hard work and intensive research we think we have solved it!  
Canterbury Cathedral 
Cows and Cathedrals  
Just a stones throw away from the impressive Canterbury Cathedral sits a gallery full of unique artwork from top British creatives. And now, some Cows!  
The Lauren's Cows herd have taken up residence in Stark Gallery in the beautiful city of Canterbury.  
You can't compare an image on a computer screen to an actual painting in the flesh which is why we are so excited to be the featured artist at Stark Gallery this Summer. Read more about the exhibition here... 
'When life seems one too many for you, Go and look at a cow...' 
This poem was sent to me by a follower on the Lauren's Cows Facebook page (if you're not following yet then you must!) and it may be my favourite poem ever. It was published in The Old Farmer's Almanac back in 1936 and is simply wonderful! I urge you to spare a minute to read it because will brighten your day! 
'Found You!' Cow Painting by Lauren Terry

Ode to A Cow 

Let's paint the day Purple! 
It's the 26th March which means the international day for epilepsy also known as Purple Day. On this day we all come together to raise awareness of this condition and help make a difference to the lives of people affected by epilepsy. People such as myself. 
That's right I have epilepsy. It's not something I usually talk about as I think there's quite alot of fear around the word 'epilepsy'. It can feel as if people are watching you out of the corner of their eye just waiting for you to fall over! However the only way to help people understand the condition is for epileptics to tell their stories and help remove some of those stigmas associated with the condition. So as it's Purple Day, I am opening up to you all! Here is my story... 
Jersey Cow Painting by Lauren Terry
Melody's Story 
In September I had the pleasure of visiting a local Jersey Farm in York and spending an afternoon with a lovely herd of milking Jerseys. Since my trip one of Greyleys Jersey Cows has made it into the Lauren's Cows herd, with many more to join in due course. 
As you know, I love to know all about the cows I paint and who knows them better than the people who take care of the cattle every day. So without further ado, here is Melody's Story! 
Gift's With a Twist this Mother's Day! 
Mother's day is just around the corner  
Sunday 31st March 
But fear not Lauren's Cows have got you covered with a range of fantastic gifts to make your Mum smile! So here's a few ideas for prezzies that will earn you serious brownie points this Mothers Day 
Highland Cow Flower Jug
Gift's for  
It's international women's day and to celebrate what is probably the most important event in our calendar, I wanted to share with you the women that inspire me most. There are so many women who have inspired me and shaped the woman that I am today. However there is one lady in particular that I look to in times of uncertainty. So this blog is dedicated to my ultimate female icon. She's a bad ass like no other, a lady of the night, a dead shot with an arrow, an actual Goddess, She's my idol... 
The Night Before Christmas by Lauren's Cows 
Everyone knows the Christmas classic 'The Night Before Christmas' well I decided that we needed a farm yard version, featuring our favourite animal! The Cow. I'm sure it will be soon be read in every home at Christmas.  
I hope you're sitting comfortably....  
Lauren's Gift Guide for Christmas  
It can be hard finding theideal Christmas present at this festive time of year, no one likes panic buying or giving 'make-do' presents. So I thought I'd put together a few ideas to help a long the way. Whether it be a stocking filler for children, secret santa gift for a colleague, or special present for a loved one I'll help you pick the perfect cow for the perfect person. 
"If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we'd still be open" 
This week is no ordinary week! It's Indie Week and that means it's time for 'Just A Card'. 
Just a Card campaign is very close to my heart. The whole idea is to encourage people to buy from Designer/Makers and Independent Galleries and Shops rather than heading straight to the big high street names. 
I've been joining in with the Indie Week 'Just a Card' challenges! So let's spread the word that all purchases, even just a card, are vital to the survival of our streets small businesses. 
Just A Card Campaign
Pumpkin Pie Recipe 
I recently baked a Pumpkin Pie for a photoshoot to accompany my beautiful china pouring jugs. Since posting the photos I have been inundated requests for the recipe! So here it is! I found my original recipe on the BBC Good Food Website, and have adapted slightly to suit my own taste. Why not have a go yourself, it's nice and simple to make, and a really tasty Autumnal pudding. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so treat yourself. Then all you need is your Lauren's Cows jug! 
Pumpkin Pie Recipe, Lauren's Cows

Pumpkin Pie 

We all love a Highland Cow! 
There's nothing quite like a good old fashioned hairy coo to make you smile. They seem to be everywhere at the moment and for me it's the more the merrier, but I think it's important that each Highland painting has something special about it. It's own character and personality, not just another painting of another Highland Cow. Three ladies have recently joined the Lauren's cows herd and I'd love for you to meet them!  
Artist Lauren Terry photographing Highland Cattle
The Lauren's Cows guide to framing! 
So you've found the perfect Cow for your wall, now all you have to do is frame it. Unfortunately we are still figuring out how we can offer this service ourselves but in the meantime here's a little advice from us on how to choose the right frame. 
Framed Cow Paintings by Lauren's Cows
Meet the man behind the Longhorns! 
We all know how excited I’ve been recently adding my first Texas Longhorn family to the Lauren’s Cows Herd. I’ve been following Ross Ranch on social media regularly and was thrilled when he gave me permission to paint his photos. He also kindly let me bombard him with all sorts of questions! Farming has always been a big part of my life, so I love to learn the history and tales of farms from all over the country, and in this case the world! I just had to know about life on his Ranch so many miles away and what it was that drew him to work with such huge animals..... 
Lauren's Cows welcomes Ross Ranch Horns
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