Harrogate Home and Gift Buyers Fair  
2017's leading Gift Trade show kicking off 16th-19th July and we're a part of it! If you have a shop and are looking for unique and characterful, quality products then read on! 
This will be the first time that we return to Harrogate Home and Gift for three years. We first did the show when Lauren's Cows was still very new! We were full of excitement as we headed off with our thirteen card designs to take our first plunge into the world of retail. That is until we arrived and realised how incredibly out of our depth we were! Don't get me wrong our product held up against the rest and we were certainly bringing something new to the table, but the show was enormous and every stand was covered in a wallpaper of different card designs.  
Well not this time! This time we are back with vengeance! I mean, let's face it, who could resist those beautiful faces! 
We now offer... 
36 different Cow greetings and Christmas cards - Note cards - A selection of Open Edition Prints - Place mats and Coasters - Tea towels 
All top quality and full of character! 
All designed by Lauren and made in the UK 
So why sell to retail?  
Honestly this is something that Jude and I have debated about for a long time, should we shouldn't we. On one hand we don't want to make our Cows readily available to the masses! We like the fact that customers feel that they have found something really surprising and individual. On the other hand our Cows main aim is to make people smile and so the more people who see them the better!  
But that doesn't mean we hand them out willy nilly! Lauren's Cows are very selective about the shops that we work with. We like to find those shops that sell things that are a little different, that value quality and character and above all else are as passionate about our cows as all of you and I are! Those places that we go to for something special for our home or gift that you wont see in every old shop on the high street! It may sound snobby, but our Cows deserve the best! 
So if you are the proud owner of one of these shops then please feel free to get in touch! Or even better, come and visit us at our stand at Harrogate Home & Gift 16th-19th July!  
Please note that this is a buyers fair and unfortunately not open to the general public.  
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