Welcome to my blog. This is basically where I record all the little things that I think may be of interest to my visitors, or just the things that I find interesting. Get the latest insights on new paintings and procucts, gossip from the shows, and anything else that may spring to mind. Whatsmore you can sift through it all to the bits that really interest you using the nifty keword tags! 

Posts tagged “Berkley Statesman”

Have I gone mad or could this be the best studio ever? 
Let me introduce you to what is believed to be, the last Berkeley Statesman in existence! Now I'm no caravan expert, but I know cool when I see it and this is COOL! Now don't get me wrong, I know that this isn't going to be the easiest of vehicles to get down to St. Ive's for a one week getaway but as a studio? This could be fantastic! Welcome to, what I like to call.... 
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