Welcome to my blog. This is basically where I record all the little things that I think may be of interest to my visitors, or just the things that I find interesting. Get the latest insights on new paintings and procucts, gossip from the shows, and anything else that may spring to mind. Whatsmore you can sift through it all to the bits that really interest you using the nifty keword tags! 

Posts tagged “Poetry”

'When life seems one too many for you, Go and look at a cow...' 
This poem was sent to me by a follower on the Lauren's Cows Facebook page (if you're not following yet then you must!) and it may be my favourite poem ever. It was published in The Old Farmer's Almanac back in 1936 and is simply wonderful! I urge you to spare a minute to read it because will brighten your day! 
'Found You!' Cow Painting by Lauren Terry

Ode to A Cow 

Somebody Love's Moo! 
Whether you like it or not Valentine's Day is fast approaching! I've never been very lucky in love until I found my husband so I still quite enjoy the novelty of Valentine's, I must admit, however we're not a soppy couple. We don't do the red roses and the candle lit dinners! Our V-day tradition is to make a den out of a couple of brooms, a clothes horse and a load of bed sheets, order pizza and watch a classic film- usually the Godfather! That's our idea of romance. So if you're like me, I have a few ideas to make your Valentine's Day a little less smushy and a little more you! 

  Lauren's top tips for  a cliche free Valentines Day! 

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