It's Tea Time! Tea Towel Time that is!  
This week we launched a new branch to the homeware collection, a range of tea towels!  
It's something we have attempted in the past and not had a great amount of success with so we are thrilled with the four designs that now join Lauren's Cows herd. Read on to find out more about the tea towels and the design process.  
You may well be looking at these trendy tea towels and thinking... 'wait a minute. These look familiar...' well you'd be right! 
The design's are taken from our incredibly popular bone china mug collection. 
We spent a lot of time perfecting the artwork for the pastel mug collection, and were thrilled with the results. It takes quite a few attempts to get these things right, and when we finally found that balance of traditional and new, design and humour, we were pretty darn chuffed! 
Then we realised that these striking black and white designs would transpose perfectly to a screen print for a tea towel.  
A lot of people have said that I should do teatowels but it's easier said than done. A digital print on fabric is never going to look as good as the painting, and I for one don't want to sell products that are just alright.  
That's why screen printing is great. It's paint! So the pigmentation and colour saturation is much higher giving a much bolder product. However it's built up in layers. Each layer uses a different stencil and colour paint to create the design so you couldn't replicate one of my paintings like this.  
All tea towels are created with kitchen design in mind. I wanted to create a contemporary twist on a farmhouse kitchen! Using a muted colour pallet reminiscent of country cottages and shabby chic interiors, and bringing it up to date with a punchy black and white pop art-esque motif. This combination of old and new means these towels look as striking hanging on an AGA in a converted cow barn, as they do next to the induction hob in a modern kitchen. 
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