The Dawn of the Lauren's Cows blog 
The first of many blogs to come from me, Lauren. So what do you want to hear about?  
Welcome to the first of many blogs from me, Lauren! This is where I will be recording the latest and greatest from the world of Lauren's Cows. So what's the difference between this and my News page. This blog will contain everything from show gossip and funny anecdotes, through to the journey I take when developing new paintings and products, and also just the other bits and bobs that pop into my head. The other great thing about my blog is by me tagging keywords you can search through the blogs quickly finding the articles that are most relevant to you! Cool huh? On selected entries you will also be able to enter your comments, ask questions and give your opinions (hopefully all good stuff!).  
So without further ado, lets launch this blog in style! What kind of things do you want to read about? I'm all ears and ready to hear your suggestions and requests! Within reason of course!  
Much love Lauren  
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