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As you may well know we have recently launched our new Highland Herd of Placemats and Coasters, and they have had a great reception. Our tableware is perhaps the most popular item in the Lauren's Cow gift shop, but what is it that makes them so special!? And what an earth is melamine?! Well I will tell you... 

Melamine Placemats and Coasters 

The fact that melamine remains cool to the touch, even when hot food is dished into it, makes it even more waiter-friendly. The burnt hands and potential plate drops that hot crockery can bring about are much less likely with melamine for this reason. It also means that melamine is safer for your customers, reducing the likelihood of burns at the table. This makes melamine an especially good choice when catering for younger diners. 
Melamine resin is a combination of melamine and preserving and setting agents which make sure that crockery is as strong and durable as possible. Fundamentally, melamine is made of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, though exact compositions vary between manufacturers. 
When I create any of my products it is incredibly important to me that I make sure that they are the best quality that they can be. As cheesey as it may sound, I put a lot of tender love and care into every Cow painting and, hopefully, it shows so it's vital to me that the same attention to detail is put into every product that I sell. Nothing is below standard. My tableware is proof of this! 
So what exactly is melamine?  
Melamine is a thermoset plastic resin made from organic compounds, with the formula C3H6N6. Basically it's a material used to make allsorts of plastic based materials from crockery to insulation.  
What are the advantages?  
It's strong 
Melamine is increibly hardwearing. It's safe to be dropped and almost impossible to chip making our mats perfect for everyday use, especially if you have little ones who have a tendancy to get a little excited! Now that doesn't mean you should build a fort out of them, but they will definitely be able to handle the hustle and bustle of everyday life!  
They can stand the heat 
Melamine will stay cool to the touch when in contact with a hot plate or mug. The means that they are great for small hands, and you don't have to worry about them marking your surfaces. You probably should go as far as to use them as a pot stand but they will withstand heats of up to 145°C 
It's scratch resistant 
Now this doesn't mean your mats can be used as a chopping board! If you start slicing bread on them, then they will get damaged. However as dinner mats they are very durable giving them a long life span! I've had my Lauren's Cows placemats on the table for almost two years now, and they look as good as new! 
It's stain resistant 
We've all been there. You're enjoying slurping up your spahetti, when a blob of tomato sauce hits your mat. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could just wipe it off. Well you can. And you don't need to worry about them getting wet in the process. There'll be none of that puckering, peeling varnish as soon you spill a little tea on your coaster. Just wipe it away and no one will ever know!  
But the best bit of all! They make you smile!  
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