A sweet Hereford cow with neutral grey background
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Open Edition print of a Mother Highland and her Calf
Framed open edition print of a Mother Highland Cow and her Calf by Lauren's Cows

Motherly Love  

OPEN EDITION | £50-£80 
This beautiful image of a Highland Cow snuggled up to her calf is simply stunning. We all love Highland Cows and let's face it, their fluffy calves are maybe the cutest thing on the planet! One of the best things about this painting though is it captures the individual personalities of mother and baby. I always talk about how each cow has their own character, you see the quite protectiveness of a new mother caring for her bright eyed calf excited to take on the world!  
There is such wide variety of tone and colour in this painting that brings joy and life to an already heart warming image. Looks fantastic paired with Highland Cow Heather.  
What's more it can be personalized to make a truly unique gift.  
An open edition print of unlimited quantity. 
A fine art print on water colour paper to hold texture. 
Mounted in off white card. 
Also available as a personalized print. 
Frame not included.  
Proudly made in the U.K. 
Image size 28cm x 28cm 
Finished size 40cm x 40cm 
Image size 42.5cmx42.5cm 
Mounted Size 55.5cm x 55.5cm 
Please note all prints (mounted and unmounted) are sold unframed. Frames shown are for illustrative purposes only. 
Please note all prints are sold unframed. Frames shown are for illustrative purposes only.