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Original Painting of a Texas Longhorn Bull and Steer by Lauren Terry
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'Like Father, Like Son' Texas Longhorn Bull with his Son

 Like Father, Like Son 

ORIGINAL | £2795 
There are very few bulls in the Lauren's Cows collection. This is partly due to the fact that I don't meet many who are willing to pose for a photo but they are also very bulky, so can be hard to paint. 
That is until I met Will Ross and his incredibly handsome Texas Longhorn Bull Stacked Deck. 
His glossy smooth coat is a mirage of colour that changes in the light. Then there's his son Muddy Water. Adolescent bulls have some of the best personalities! They have this attitude and fearlessness, they seem to wear their tiny little horns with such pride. But there is still shy and wariness of new situations that makes them retreat to the security of mum and dad. 
This painting is very unique within the collection due to it's vibrant colour scheme. It's very contemporary, verging on abstract yet still has all the character and qualities of a Lauren's Cows painting. 
Original Acrylic Painting 
Hand stretched 100% cotton canvas 
Titled and signed and dated by Lauren 
Framed in a contemporary black frame with gold trim. 
Painting size 70cm x 70cm  
Framed Size 78cm x 78cm  
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