CARDS  A collection of cow greetings cards perfect for all occasions!  

Stay safe, send a smile! 
With the world on Lock Down there is no better time than now to send a greetings card to make someone smile! We know however even this simple act of kindess has its difficulties, even buying a stamp or getting to a post office isn't possible for some. That's why we've added our new messaging service! When buying a card you now have the option to send it straight to the recipient, with the message of your choice written inside. For no extra charge!  
Find the perfect card for that special lady in your life. Whether it's Mum, Nana, Partner or any other lady who deserves some recognition we have a colourful choice of cards just for you. Here are our top picks... 
Highland Cow licking a Snowman Christmas Cards from Lauren's Cows
£2.50 - £6.00 
Daisy It's Cold Outside, Cow Christmas Card by Lauren's Cows
£2.50 - £6.00 
Cows under the Mistletoe Christmas Card
£2.50 - £6.00  
Dairy Cow in Reindeer Antlers Christmas Cards
£2.50 - £6.00  
Texas Longhorn dressed in lights Christmas Card
£2.50 - £6.00 
Special Delivery Hereford Cow Christmas Card
£2.50 - £6.00 
Three Cute Calves building a Snowman
£2.50 - £6.00 
Highland Cow Christmas Wrapping
GIFT TAGS | £2.50 
Snowy Cow Gift Tags
Daisy It's Cold GIFT TAGS | £2.50 
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