Some people are surprised to learn Highland Cows come in range of colours and not just your classical Red. There are numerous including from blondes, browns, fawns and one of my favourites the black Highland.
There is something incredibly powerful about the black highland cow and Christina, or Tina for short, has a really strong presence. When I photograph a cow, I learn all about their personality. We have the cheeky cows like Jody, the sweetheart like Hermione, and the curious like Holly. Tina wasn't interested in me at all, she didn't bat an eyelid or come sniffing at the camera. She simply went about her day, gazing into the distance statuesque and peaceful. It's amazing how such a strong animal has such a wonderfully calming effect.

An open edition print of unlimited quantity.
A fine art print on water colour paper to hold texture.
Mounted in off white card.
Proudly made in the U.K
Also available as a card and magnet

Image size 28cm x 28cm
Finished size 40cm x 40cm 
Image size 42.5cmx42.5cm
Mounted Size 55.5cm x 55.5cm

Also in Open Edition

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