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Nothing quite compares to having an original painting. Straight from my easel and into your home, owning a painting is not only wonderful to own, but the best was to appreciate every subtle shade and brushstroke that makes a Lauren's Cows painting.
There is something incredibly powerful about the black highland cow and Christina, or Tina for short, has a really strong presence.
The idea of an all black cow hanging on the wall can be quite daunting and you might presume it be quite intimidating. However that's not the case at all. I actually use very little true black, instead her coat is a kaleidoscope of blues, purples, burgundies and teals.
When I photograph a cow, I learn all about their personality. Tina wasn't phased by me at all. She simply went about her day, gazing into the distance statuesque and peaceful. It's amazing how such a strong animal has such a wonderfully calming effect.
Acrylic Painting
Hand stretched 100% Cotton Canvas
Framed in stained oak chic frame
60cm x 60cm
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