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1. Highland Cow Christmas Bauble  
I love finding hidden treasures when it comes to Christmas, something special to decorate the home. I found these delightful baubles on Etsy.  
Each Bauble is lovingly handmade in Scotland from 100% undyed British Shetland Sheep wool. Being individually hand crafted each bauble is different and unique in it's own way. You can even request a bespoke bauble! I know they have a Belted Galloway which is a very special find! 
2.Brie and Baker 
Cows and Co. 
£14.95 - £27.00 
If you're like me when it comes to festive indulgence not much beats a warm, gooey baked cheese. Cow and Co. are just around the corner from our family home in Appleby and a favourite of ours. Their ceramic Brie Bakers have been hand crafted by local Cumbrian potter Dave Norman and are the perfect gift for cheese lovers alike. You can also get your Brie Baker with a Smokey or Creamy Brie already inside! 
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