Very exciting and quite unexpected news. Lauren's Cows are finalists in The Cumbria Family Business Awards!  
I say unexpected, we did enter of course. However as we filled out our application, tucked up in our hotel room dizzy from mid Scotland's Trade Fair delirium, we weren't quite sure how persuasive our application would be! But we obviously came across rather well as we are down to the final three businesses in our category!  
I've never been one for acceptance speeches, but I must say, Mum and I are properly chuffed! We have been so busy pouring everything into our business, that we'd never really taken the time to step back and admire what we have achieved. That is until recently, and I must say we were pretty bloody proud!  
We are no longer just Mummy Terry and Lulabulla, mother and daughter working at the kitchen table in Crakenthorpe, but Jude and Lauren successful business women and owners of thriving brand, Lauren's Cows.  
The awards ceremony will be hosted by Dave Myers (the hairy biker chef) a proud Cumbrian and advocate for the county. Dave will be joining us all on Friday 10th March to host the ceremony and present the winners with their awards. Wish us luck!!  
That's right, the leader of the Lauren's Cows herd, the magnificent Wallace has found a loving home.  
Named after his namesake William Wallace, this stunning Highland Cow has always been close to my heart! He is probably my most striking painting to date, due to his bold colours and buckets of charisma. He has certainly always turned heads and captures hearts at any exhibition.  
However he has struggled to find a home to date due to his sheer size, a whopping 111cm square! But I am thrilled to announce that just yesterday he found a home in beautiful Cambridge.  
Never having seen Wallace in the flesh, the big fella and I took a trip in the car down to Cambridge, luckily I have a roomy car, to meet the interested party.  
To say their house was GORGEOUS is an understatement. Full of wonderful curiosities, with beautifully ornate mirrors mixed with modern chrome bow lamps, incredible artwork by a variety of artists and not to mention a T-Rex skull in the kitchen! It could not have been a better fit for our stylish Wallace! 
Of course the lady had no choice but to immediately fall head over heels in love with him!  
Now Wallace is hanging in pride of place in Cambridge next to a Picasso lithograph (don't mind if I do)!  
The really wonderful thing is his new owner buys art to mark an understatement. I asked what occasion he would be marking and she simply said "He's to make me smile"! Which is what I always say about my paintings; they can't help but make you smile!  
He will be much missed but I know he will be taken great care of as part of a wonderful family. Apparently he's head of the household already (would we expect anything less.) 
Highland cow painting
Cow skull
Highland Cow painting
Cambridge bikes
Cambridge Boats
It’s not all studios and shows in the world of Lauren’s Cows you know. Sometimes I get to go outside and play in the nettles too! 
Thought I’d share a few photo’s with you of a recent trip to the Peak District with my camera! I never know if I’m actually going to come across any cows but it’s always good to be prepared! Plus it’s just a nice change to go for a ramble up some hills and blow some of the cobwebs away. 
However this time I was in luck. Saw many cows in fact! Grazing free on our public footpath. There was a great variety, but many had calves with them so I gave them a wide birth.This cow on the other hand was super friendly and my ultimate favourite of the trip. Never seen anything like her in the flesh, I’m presuming she’s a short horn but that’s just a guess. Whatever breed she may be she was stunning and is top of the painting pile for next year! 
There’s lots of pictures for you to see including some snaps of myself and the gang (it’s always nice to have some company), including Nev the pug puppy! Luckily he was small enough to fit in the rucksack as doggies and cows aren’t the best combo, plus his little legs were tired after the first mile! 
Looking forward to getting out again soon. Especially as I have a new camera!! 
Lauren Terry artist
Lauren's Cows
Lauren's Cows
Halloween has come and gone and you know what that means? Christmas fever is about to kick in! 
It may be early for some, but it’s creeping ever closer and if you’re looking for a fun way to tackle your Christmas shopping, and find something a bit different then maybe it’s time to consider a Christmas Show? 
This year Lauren’s Cows will be attending three large festive events to spread our Christmas cow joy. 
This years events will be; 
If you are a regular visitor to Christmas Fairs you will not need me to tell you what a truly great day out they are. You can find some really great and unique gifts all in one place, rather than trudging the crammed high streets and end up settling for a half- baked present as you've lost the will to live! An extreme example perhaps, but that’s how my shopping usually turns out! At these shows, on the other hand, you can find a gift that you would never even have thought of before you saw it. The number of people who load up with gifts and Christmas cards at my stand exclaiming how relatives love cows and that it’s so nice to find something different and to learn all about each product from the people who put so much care and attention into creating them. And, to top it all, there’s a chance to get a sneaky festive discount, as we’re nice like that! 
If you’re still undecided, then I have three new cows to debut! That means there will be three unseen, original paintings, and I don’t need to tell you how quickly they disappear! I’ll have my new fantastic winter tea towels which are a particular favourite of mine, a new and incredibly cute half pint jug, and the two new Christmas card designs. So there's plenty of exciting stuff happening at the Lauren’s Cows stand even if nowhere else. 
I have fantastic news in the world of Lauren’s Cows. My beautiful Clarabelle, the life-size fibreglass cow that I painted for the Surrey Cow Parade, has made the selection for the live auction Gala Evening! She and 20 others will be auctioned by Ewbank’s at Hampton Court Palace, London 17th November as part of the Cow Parade initiative which raises money for good causes worldwide. 
She currently has an estimate of £6,000-£10,000 which would be a fantastic result for the charities, not to mention a nice pat on the back for all my hard work! Plus she will be displayed along side renowned artist Alexander Cresswell’s creation Frontier Cow estimated at £20,000-£40,000! 
Clarabelle Cow Parade
The money raised from Clarabelle’s sale will go to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (Rabi) and the Surrey Hills Trust Fund which, established in partnership with the Community Foundation for Surrey, aims to conserve and protect the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.The RABI is an organisation that is very close to my heart. It’s pretty unknown if you're not in the farming community, I’d certainly never heard of them before hunting out an agricultural charity to pair up with to raise money for the flooded farms of 2014. Farming is such a huge part of British life and I really hate to see it falling into decline. I do many county shows with my herd of paintings and I always have farmers stopping at the stand and just admiring their curious faces and laughing at the characters. We then get into a conversation about their farming and way to often the farmers I meet are ex dairy farmers. That they had to give up their cattle as they just weren’t make any money from it. It breaks my heart. 
It’s always been farmers who have been my biggest supporters from day one, and when they say ‘You’ve got her spot on, there’ then thats the equivalent to me been handed the Turner Prize! So anything I can do to return that support is alright by me! 
If you are interested in bidding on any of the cows, or indeed my wonderful Clarabelle, all the information you need is on the Ewbank’s website. 
Welcome to the brand new Lauren’s Cows website. We first launched Lauren’s Cows four years ago, and since then have grown and developed our brand to the products and paintings you see today. We were both almost complete novices when we began our journey into Lauren’s Cows and since then have grown, honed and developed our brand immensely. It is with the freshening of our brand that we decided to freshen our website. We hope you enjoy it and all it has to offer! 
Lauren, Jude and the Cows. 
Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter will know of my latest conquest! For those of you who don’t, for the last month I’ve spent many early mornings and even later nights in my studio painting a full size cow. Why? Because Lauren’s Cows have been invited to take part in the world’s largest public art event The Surrey Hills Cow Parade! 
Lauren Terry Lauren's Cows Clarabelle
So what is it? Dozens of brightly-coloured cows are starting to decorate the hills, farms, towns, schools and popular landmarks across Surrey, building up to the main exhibition in July and August. 
Now the Lauren’s Cows’ life size fibre glass cow Clarabelle, picturing what I do best, a herd of grazing cows surrounded by beautiful Surrey countryside, will be travelling down south to join the herd. 
My participation came completely out of the blue. I was in my studio painting away when I had a phone call from my old friends at the R.A.B.I. Turns out it was being offered the chance to join the parade. I would be sponsored to paint the life sized cow by Cow Parade leader and Hereford cattle farmer Tim Metson. Each sponsor selects an artist to design and paint their cow and a charity that will benefit from the cow being auctioned. It was through Tim’s choice of charity, The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Society, that he discovered me and my characterful cows. Plus, many will know, I’d previously worked with R.A.B.I, creating ‘Nice Weather For Ducks’ to aid the flooded farmers of 2014-2015. And what better way to raise money for an agricultural charity than with a field of curious cows! 
Plus there’s a chance Clarabelle may go to the big city, LONDON!! The cows are being displayed around the county until the end of August. Most of the cows will then be auctioned at a principal auction with proceeds going to the chosen charity whilst, the cows judged to be the top 20 ‘Champions’, will bypass this auction and go to a Gala event in London to make even more money, which obviously would be amazing! 
I don’t yet know where Clarabelle will be heading, but I will let you know as soon as I do! 
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Clayhouse Farm, Knutsford 
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22nd-23rd July 
Dunkirk Farm, Skipton 
3rd-6th August  
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