We can now frame that picture for you! 
For a long time our customers have been requesting frames and we just haven't had the right equipment to do it! However a lot of hard work and intensive research we think we have solved it!  
You've found your Lauren's Cows print, you're completely in love and can't wait to get it on the wall! However you have to wait to have a break in your busy life to get to the framers. Before you know it you're beautiful cow has been stored safely away in the spare room for a month and you still haven't had a free moment to find a frame.  
Well not anymore! Select your frame right here, right now! Pick your frame as you pick your cow, we'll frame it personally for you, and post your framed print straight to your door ready to hang straight on the wall. All you need to do it provide the nail! 
If you have visited the Lauren's Cows team either at an exhibition or at the studio you will know that we offer an 'on the spot' framing service which has always been a big hit with our customers and it's been very frustrating to not be able to provide that service to all of our customers. But now with new packaging materials, we are confident that we can deliver framed prints directly to your doors.  
We currently have four stylish mouldings to choose from, with more mouldings on the horizon. All our frames have been handpicked by myself and are all handmade by professional picture framers bespoke to fit our prints. The simple square mouldings complete the artwork without detracting from the image. 
Scarlett art print, white frame
White Painted Wood 
Scarlett, black frame
Black Painted Wood 
'Found You' art print, light frame
Light Stained Oak 
Found You Art Print dark frame
Dark Stained Oak 
The 40cm x 40cm prints are framed in a choice of two solid wood mouldings with a painted finish.  
Select from black and white to finish your much loved print. Simple yet effective.  
Large prints, like the limited editions, can be framed in a choice of two contemporary oak frames. These mouldings are stained by hand, one light, one dark, and the deep natural grain adds texture and depth to it's simple design.  
And we are still using glass! There are big risks posting glass but you can't beat it when framing a picture. Other more durable materials are now available such a perspex and Plexiglass, however in my opinion they just don't cut it. The plastic scratches terribly, even when brushed with a duster and the last thing you want is to search through a mass of scratches to see your cow.  
1. We cover the glass with a strong card board cut to fit 
2. The frames will be wrapped in bubble wrap.  
3. Foam corners to save from chipping.  
4. The frame will slide into an incredibly strong honeycomb card sleeve 
5. Your packaged frame will sit in a robust cardboard box  
6. Finally your parcel will be smothered in fragile tape! 
Step 1 
Step 2 
Step 3 
Step 4  
Step 5 
Step 6 
1.The frames will be wrapped in bubble wrap. 
2. Corner padding will protect the points most susceptible to damage. 
3. Frames will be enclosed in two layers of robust cardboard  
4. Finally the parcel will be wrapped in durable packaging paper and smothered in fragile tape! 
So how is it that we can suddenly post glass without it breaking?  
This fantastic product. Flexi-Hex.  
It may be made out of cardboard but it's surprisingly strong and durable. The unique honeycomb design gives the packaging high compression resistance giving you confidence that your product will arrive at destination damage free. Just Look! It takes the weight of an adorable 12kg Labrador puppy without the slightest sign of damage.  
The other fantastic thing is its 100% biodegradable, helping Lauren's Cows cut down on plastics! 
We have run a multitude of test runs posting frames big and small all around the country. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that there won't be any accidents along the way, we all know that there are some very heavy handed delivery people out there, but we will do our utmost to get your framed picture to you safely! 
Finish that personalised print for the perfect present, coordinate your frames as you extend your herd, be confident in a top quality product made by the pros and keep your art safe on the wall rather than under the spare bed! 
If you have anymore questions regarding picture framing then don't hesitate to get in touch! 
Framing service availble to UK deliveries only.  
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