Commission Your Cow with Lauren's Terry


Commission your Cow with Lauren Terry!

Whether you are a cattle farmer with a favourite cow, have a photograph that you snapped which you would love to see as a painting, or simply have a special request for your ideal piece of artwork. But don’t take my word for it, read our testimonials!

“The painting far exceeded my dreams. It’s the best investment we’ve made.”

Peter, two time painting commissioner

Are you interested in a bespoke painting tailored to you? Well commissions are welcome at the Lauren’s Cows studio! Known as ‘The Cow Owner’s Cow Artist’, there are a number of reasons why people trust Lauren with a commissioned painting. So why commission your cow with us?

We know cows!

Firstly, like you, Lauren adores cows and you may well have noticed, paints only cattle. So you could say she’s an expert in her field! Secondly Lauren paints real animals. Whether she’s lying in the grass with her camera or having extensive chats with farmers, Lauren gets to know the character and quirks of each of her subjects.

Our Unique Style

As mentioned before personality is foremost in Lauren’s artwork, however she is also passionate about capturing that particular breeds specifications. It’s knowing the shape of a Highland Cow’s muzzle, the fluffy ears of the Belted Galloway & the thick eyelashes of Jersey Cattle. Then of course there’s the exquisite colour that brings your painting to life! Lauren loves to play with a wide spectrum of colour. Colours that you’d never imagine to find in a cow but in a subtle, understated manner. The longer you look at the cow the more colour you see getting lost in the brush strokes of your painting!

Your artwork, Your Way

Finally, it’s fun! Lauren loves getting stuck in painting portraits of a favourite cow or transforming a snapshot into an original painting. It could even be just the seed of an idea that we work creatively together to bringing your imagining to life. Whatever the project Lauren is here to listen to your wants and needs ensuring you are thrilled with the outcome. Commission your cow with us and we will make it an unforgettable experience.

If you’d like to commission your cow painting please get in touch. Paintings start at £2500 for a 40cm x 40cm canvas.

A word from the artist

‘There’s a reason I paint cows and that’s because I love it!

Spending the last decade working solely with cows I understand and share that connection with my clients. I also love working with people. I’m not one of these ‘mysterious artsy beings’ or a ‘snob’, I’m an approachable gal from North Yorkshire who just wants to make great pictures to make you smile. Commissioning your very own bespoke painting is such an exciting thing and I want you to enjoy every step! I look forward to working with you when it’s time to commission your cow!

Each artwork is priced individually based on size and complexity of the piece. Paintings start at £2500 for a 50cm x 50cm canvas. 

Read our testimonials


Lauren made the process of commissioning (something I’d never contemplated before) very easy. Right from discussing the photo, through to the final picture, her advice was spot on. We’re now the happy owners of a very special artwork.Bonnie now sits proudly on our wall, gently inquisitive and reassuring, providing a little lift and happy memories every time we look at her.

Matthew, York

Dancing Skies

You couldn’t put your ideas in a safer pair of very talented hands!

If you’re looking for a joyful piece of  bespoke art, you’ll find no better creator than Lauren! I came with no photo just an idea of what I was looking for. We collaborated closely in the composition of an absolutely stunning piece of original art for my mum, Dancing Skies. Lauren listened carefully to my ideas, from colours to layout, and turned them into something magnificently vibrant and authentic. Throughout the process, it was clear that Lauren cares deeply about painting pieces will be adored and cherished.


Fluffy Cows!

I’d happily recommend Lauren to anyone thinking of commissioning a painting

It was a pleasure dealing with Lauren for my cow / fluffy cow (!!) commission. Lauren kept me informed at every stage and sent me preliminary sketches as well as the “nearly final” draft for any comments. The commission was a present for my wife, showing highland cattle (and our own fluffy cows ….) in one of my wife’s favourite locations. She loves it (and so do I).



Lauren, is such a clever lady!
I commissioned a ‘Polo Cow’ as a gift for my own birthday. I knew I wanted a Belted Galloway on the bright background as her Tina painting. Lauren found the right cow, and I trusted her to create my idea.  She’s amazing. I love all the colours and she has such a gentle fluffy face!

The Cow & Calf

We chose Lauren’s Cows after we saw your exhibition at the Yorkshire Dales Food Festival last year.

My husband and I bought a print and loved it so much decided we would like one of her commissions.
The painting was a gift to each other for our engagement and the subject itself means a lot to us as the back drop is the Cow & Calf where we live nearby and have enjoyed many family walk together.

Our experience was excellent Lauren kept us updated and we also met her at her studio in York and looked at other pieces of hers.

The result is just what we wanted and more it gets so many lovely comments from everyone who sees it! We love it!

Mark & Louise From Addingham lkley, West Yorkshire

Lark & Bluebell

I didn’t know I wanted to commission a painting until I saw Lauren’s Cows on Twitter. I was hooked by your quirky, individual style, that had me wanting to reach right out to your cows.

‘Lark’, was commissioned for my wife, Jill’s birthday present – and it’s been such a brilliant success! We loved it so much that I couldn’t help commissioning a second one, Bluebell, our Guernsey. It’s so perfect and captures the essence of our house-cow. Can’t imagine life without them now!

From the first contact, it was clear that you were someone I wanted to paint for us. You’re human – and you love cows! It’s been such a fun process working with you – here’s a little quote from your email when I enquired about collecting the first painting from you which I loved…

“Yeah that’s fine for you to collect it and meet me- unless you’re a murderer? Then maybe it’s not such a good idea! Either London or Scarborough, take your pick.”

I know where I am money-wise and the painting far exceeded my dreams. It’s the best investment we’ve made. It’s priceless to own such a personal painting and a beautiful interpretation of our cows at that snapshot in time.

Peter & Jill - The New Forest


Scarlett wasn’t a commissioned painting however I had to share her story!

We fell in love with Scarlett after we saw a photo of her in the back of a UK Home magazine, and we are so delighted that we reached out to you! It’s been an amazingly easy and positive experience. Your team was more than professional, you all treated us like very important people.

The team were absolutely fabulous to work with. You all responded immediately to the initial inquiry (it was, literally within the hour,) were phenomenal communicators all along the way. We joyfully plan on purchasing again.

She attracts a lot of attention at our home, and it’s a delight to see her every time we walk down our hall. We absolutely love the painting- especially her eyes and her smile. (Well, we imagine she is smiling!)

Prints of Scarlett can be found here.

Halee - Colorado, USA

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