A British White Cow joins the herd

There’s a new cow in Lauren’s herd and she’s our very first British White!

I’ve always struggled to find British Whites out and about, so was delighted when, by a twist of fate I found H Chapman & Son on Instagram. Not only did they have beautiful photographs of their British White cattle, they also happened to be cousins of a close friend of mine and big fans of the Lauren’s Cows herd. What’s more they live about 20 minutes down the road from me! This painting was truly meant to be! It is my pleasure to introduce you to, Fieldhouse Hermione!

The farm was bought by Great Grandad in 1949 and is now in it’s fourth generation. Georgina was the latest to join the family farm, returning to her country roots after three years of events management in Leeds city centre. Much like me she’s a country girl at heart and much happier to hauling hay than pushing paper!
It was actually Georgina’s mum who brought British Whites to the farm. She felt that their long standing herd of Herefords and Limousines needed mixing up a little, so along came Charlotte and Evelyn, Fimberfield Farm’s first British White Cows. Since the duos arrival, seven years ago, the British White population has steadily grown now gracing twelve cows and a pedigree bull.

Georgina with one of her many British White calves, Twin

Lunch on the tractor with Grandad, Dad, farmhands, dogs and a very small Georgina (looks like the Boxer has an eye on her lunch!)

They certainly are one of the most picturesque breeds with their trademark jet black muzzle and ears paired with that snow white coat. I spent a very happy morning lying in the straw with the ladies while Georgina stood guard. I always make sure to have a couple of extra eyes with me! These ladies may look like overgrown lambs but they are a feisty bunch. Especially when their babies are around! On one occasion a couple of years ago farmer Andrew found himself in a rather high stakes game of Ring-a-Roses after a calf escaped a pen. Baby bolted behind the tractor, Andrew followed after in chase, and before he knew what was what, Mummy British White was hot on his tail joining in the chase! Three laps of the tractor later, it was mission aborted and Andrew made a swift exit and mum was happily reunited with her calf. Neither in the pen! There’s never a dull moment!

Luckily for me the girls were on their best behaviour, with a more bemusement than curiosity, but that was perfect for me!

I was spoiled for choice with the photographs that I got and I have a feeling more of the Fimberfield gang may be making an appearance later down the line, but it was Hermione that I really connected with! This mum of two is five years old, and has a wonderful personality. I love her quizzical expression in those beautiful big black eyes, it really looks as if she’s listening to what you’re saying. You will all by now know how much I like to play around with colour, and the colour and texture you can get into plain white appears as plain white is really quite amazing!

I hope you like her, I must say I have a real soft spot for her and I’m pleased to announce that all a Fimberfield farm recognised her straight away!

Available as prints now here!

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