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Lilly has already made a big impact in the Lauren’s Cows herd bringing smiles to all. The first painting since my return from maternity leave she’s a breath of fresh air and the best welcome back to the studio!
Now it’s time to share a little more of Lilly, from Amy’s Happy Highlands story…

Say hello to Lilly…

However I have been very fortunate to have the support of some wonderful followers who have allowed me to paint their cow photographs. The only problem is, when I haven’t met the cattle featured in my paintings I risk missing the personality of the animal. As you will well know, character is incredibly important for me. My paintings don’t make the wall until I have captured that personality that draws us to cattle in the first place.

That’s when I turn to the owner! Lilly, released April 2021 is the first canvas to leave the Lauren’s Cows easel since March 2020! The pressure was on. But I’m over the moon with how she turned out and it’s all thanks to Amy Edwards of Amy’s Happy Highlands, Lillyhall.

Right: Amy Edwards and the girls in their home by the sea

Unlike many I work with Amy’s Highlands are purely for sheer enjoyment! She started her fold in January 2021. Founder of the herd was our lovely Lilly, shortly followed by her twin sister Lola and her daughters Ruby and Scarlett.







They are just so beautiful and I read they made good pets, which is all I wanted them for’, Amy

Well Lilly caught my eye immediately. Amy tells me she has a brilliantly sassy nature and is definitely the boss. Her expression just exudes confidence. With a regal air, she knows who’s in charge! It’s such a pleasure to work alongside herds women and men, bringing their snaps to life. If you have a photograph that you’d like to donate to the Lauren’s Cows painting pile then please send it my way, I’d love to see it, and you never know it could just be the next Lauren Terry masterpiece!

It has been fabulous to work with Lauren, I absolutely love the detail of Lilly’s nose markings, as this is the way I tell the twins apart. They are so alike it is unreal. Can’t wait until Lauren can come and meet the girls!’

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