Potentially the best studio in the land!

Have I gone mad or could this be the best studio ever?

Let me introduce you to what is believed to be, the last Berkeley Statesman in existence! Now I’m no caravan expert, but I know cool when I see it and this is COOL! Now don’t get me wrong, I know that this isn’t going to be the easiest of vehicles to get down to St. Ive’s for a one week getaway but as a studio? This could be fantastic! Welcome to, what I like to call….

The Cattle Wagon!

Apparently these caravans were originally designed and produced to try and deal with the housing shortage after World War II, back in 1951. At the time the design of these caravans was ground breaking, having a living/dining area, fully equiped kitchen and separate shower room, not to mention having sleeping accommodation over two floors.
Now I’m not planning on living in it. I have a perfectly adequate home that I am really rather fond of, so in order to transform this wonderful home on wheels into a working art studio we may need to make a few alterations!
The down stairs is where most of the action would happen. Now although a kitchen is a wonderful luxury- I could probably afford to loose the majority of it. I definitely would require the oven so that might have to go! A little fridge would be handy and a microwave. And a couple of counters and cupboards for keeping my Alfie mug and tea bags! But I think would have to be transformed into storage space. As for the living space it’s pretty open anyway. I’d have to remove the built in seating area at the back to create valuable work space, but other than that I think it’s just a case of putting down some laminate, as paint and carpet are not best buddies, and give the walls a quick freshen up!

When it comes to the bedroom, although this is absolutely amazing, I think this would be far too tempting on a Monday Morning! But as a packing, posting, mounting and framing room this would be ideal! Might be a job getting ripped everything out but I’m quite handy when it comes to destruction!

The toilet is an essential of course and the shower room with it’s folding sink is the icing on the cake! I’d buy it for that sink alone!

If all this isn’t as wonderful enough then just try and resist this selling point…

Imagine knowing that your studio holds the Goodwood’s record for the fastest lap set by a two story building at a whopping 11mph! If that doesn’t sell it then I don’t know what will!

I realise it has it’s downsides. It’ s tiny windows will limit natural light, it’s probably a little on the small side, I need somewhere to park it, it’s probably going to be a little chilly, I’ll need to be attached to water and an electric point not forgetting I need a low loader to move it anywhere. But mostly I wouldn’t feel right gutting and changing the use of what might be one of the last Berkely Statesmen in existence. I think the Caravan Club may have something to say about that. In hindsight it might not be the studio for me. But still we can dream!

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