I love Moo!


Love is in the air and I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my all time love… The COW! Cows get a lot of bad press at the moment as we concentrate on environmental issues such as green house gasses and deforestation.

That’s why Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything wonderful about the cow and show them some much deserved love!


The reason cows are so wonderful to paint is that they have a natural curiosity that means I can get photos full of personality. They are so eager to meet you and see what you’re doing. Whether you’re on a walk, taking photos or playing them the accordion cattle always like to hang around for the show!
It also makes them fantastic listeners. Honestly if you have something on your mind, go and hang out with a cow or two. They will be more than happy to lend an ear.


Now I’m not saying that you should leap in the first field you see and throw yourself upon a cow, but if you’ve ever had the chance to give a cow a good tickle you will know what a special bonding moment it is. Cattle can be so welcoming and will run to you for a scratch and a cuddle.


Studies show that cows form bonds with significant others, and are at their calmest when surrounded by their favourite beings. They have strong sense of compassion and empathy, comforting their gal pals with a bit of grooming in times of need! If you really want a heart melting moment just wait till you hear the story of Simon & Leornardo! READ THEIR STORY


Ever been accused of being a Moody Cow?

Well cows have emotions too! There’s nothing better than seeing a smiling cow! They love to play and frolic, you should see a cow skip around her sunny field after a winter indoors! But don’t expect smiles all round when the weather turns bad, just like us cows are highly influenced by their surroundings and can easily get in a grump. One thing I’ve learned photographing cattle, if a cow doesn’t want her photo taking, it shows!

So what is it that you love about cows? Drop a comment in the box below to share!

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