Send a Smile!

Send a Smile!

Anyone else feeling a little bit bored? The highlight of my day is seeing the postman coming down the street and hoping he has something in his bag for me! He does! what can it be, what can it be!?

Bill, bill, Bank Statement, Advert then…A little brown envelope, my friends handwriting, a little hand drawn rainbow on the seal! My day just got 1000 x better! So just what is it that post feels more needed and appreciated, more than ever before?

It’s the 7th Feb and you know what that means… It’s National ‘Send a Card to a Friend’ Day! (Seriously! Such a thing exists!)

“Doing something nice for someone else makes you happy, especially if you know they’ll really like it. Taking the time to hand write a letter shows you care, that you’ve made an extra effort and you’ve really considered the other person.” Deborah Smith, a positive psychologist and mindfulness expert.

No matter how long or short the note, whether it’s little poem, a joke or two, a message of gratitude or a heartfelt message baring all it will be a treasured possession for the receiver. I personally have a box bursting at the seams with all the letters, cards and tit bits that i have received over the years. Each one is a warm hug.

But it’s not only the recipient who reaps the benefits, it’s also a really great activity for the sender. A lot of us are carrying a lot more anxiety than usual, it can seem like the world is on your shoulders waiting for life to return to normal, and writing a letter can be a really therapeutic exercise providing a little light relief.

I always say that my artwork makes people smile. To open an envelope and see a colourful cow peering back at you automatically fills you with cheer. So why not send a few cows to your nearest and dearest, those stuck at home missing the company of others and bring a smile to their face. You never know you might just get one back!


If you’re finding it hard to get to a post office right now then let us write and post your card for you. We will hand write your message and post it directly to your loved one’s door for no extra cost.

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