Valentine’s Day is coming around!

Somebody Love’s Moo!

Whether you like it or not Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! I’ve never been very lucky in love until I found my husband so I still quite enjoy the novelty of Valentine’s, I must admit, however we’re not a soppy couple. We don’t do the red roses and the candle lit dinners! Our V-day tradition is to make a den out of a couple of brooms, a clothes horse and a load of bed sheets, order pizza and watch a classic film- usually the Godfather! That’s our idea of romance. So if you’re like me, I have a few ideas to make your Valentine’s Day a little less smushy and a little more you!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day! So here’s my top tips for romance with a fun twist!

Let’s Start with a Card!

Now we don’t want slush. No fuzzy bunnies holding a heart with a sickly sweet poem inside.
We want something fun that reflects your personality and shows you’ve put some thought into finding something special rather than giving in.
Cheek to Cheek was designed especially for the young farmers at Valentine’s day and it always goes down a treat.
However if you have a partner who you think might not appreciate a Cows posterior, there’s Juliet. It’s a happy coincidence that this little Lady has a love heart marking her an ideal Valentine’s Card.

So you have your card, time for some romance!

It can’t be avoided completely I’m afraid! In the words of Ottis Reading ‘You have to try a little tenderness!’
Maybe a sentimental limerick? Don’t Panic in true Blue Peter fashion; here’s one that I made earlier…

Are we going for a gift?

That’s the first bit sorted! We can leave it at this but if you want to start the year with some extra brownie we could add a little something?
Now the ‘go to’s are Roses and Chocolate. This is all well and good, after all everyone loves chocolate, and who doesn’t like to receive flowers. But, not to be morbid, flowers die and chocolates get eaten and then you have nothing left! So how about presenting your flowers in a beautiful bone china Jug? Or filling a Molly mug with your partners favourite choccies. It’s equally as romantic but they have something characterful to keep at the end of it.

Want to crank it up a notch?

If you really want to go all out then how about this for a great idea! An open edition art print. My suggestion’s are of course Cheek to Cheek and Juliet, but if you want a present with a little more sentiment a personalised print is the way forward. I will hand embellish the ear tags of your choice of Cow with any details for you wish (as long as it stays within 6 characters per tag that is!). For example mark Valentine’s Day with your partners and own initials and 14.02.18 or maybe your anniversary.

Valentine’s isn’t just for Lovers.
You can tell anyone how much they mean to you! Spoil your parents, or a sibling. Send a surprise card to your best friend! How about sending it to a best friend to share the love, I hear ‘Galentine’s Day’ is all the rage!

What the heck! Treat Yourself! After all you deserve it!

But the Most important thing to remember is…

Valentine’s Day is a day to be enjoyed by everyone. No one should feel down or depressed, after all, it’s just a bit of fun. If you don’t get a card, it’s nothing to be upset about. You may not have found that person yet, or may have loved and lost but don’t let that spoil your day. We don’t need another person to make us feel special or worthy. If you want chocolate buy chocolate, if you want flowers, then buy flowers, if you want a personalised cow print- then Hey! You buy yourself that print! Have a romantic night in with Ben & Jerry. Have the gang round for a back to back film night! Just enjoy it! Happy V-Day everyone!

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