We’re Finalists

We’re Finalists!

Start pouring the champagne- we have exciting news.
We are exceptionally happy to announce that Lauren’s Cows are Finalists in the 2022 North West Family Business Awards!


The North West Family Business Awards take place every year, championing family businesses across the North West, recognizing their achievements and celebrating their successes in style! We were nominated anonymously, which is flattering in it’s own, but to be selected as finalists is fantastic. We have had to defend our business from the outset convincing others that it is indeed a business and yes, you can just paint cows!

‘I get goose bumps when I hear you talk about your business. I certainly feel the passion’ Jackie, Family Business Awards.


For those of you who don’t know much about us we are indeed a family business.
Lauren- Me! The bossy daughter, full of energy and covered in paint.
Jude- The sensible Mum, in charge of the complicated bit’s, and providing you guys with everything you need. And keeping me in check of course!
Justin- Dad. The heavy lifting who is a crucial part of any exhibition we attend.
Tris- The older brother who is roped in from time to time, mostly against his will.

We started our business 10 years ago. A door opened and we decided to step through! I went from being an actress in London to a Cow artist via a single painting. Jude, although still working as an optician, knew this was something that we had to pursue and jumped on board as the brains of the outfit!
We have worked exceptionally hard over the last decade to build a business that is not only successful financially, but fulfilling mentally and that provides complete customer satisfaction.We’re not looking to take over the world but we do want to be your Go To art company when it comes to Cows!


We want to paint all breeds of cows not just the popular ones. We capture all the personality and all the physicality of specific breeds, local and rare.

Care and attention is incredibly important to us. From product design and manufacture to customer service and parceling up we take the utmost care.

You can put an image on anything these days! But that doesn’t mean you should. You can get products printed in China for a fraction of the price of UK, but that doesn’t mean you should.


Of course it’s not just us in the finals. We’re joined by two other fantastic Family businesses in the retail category.


It’s cows vs sheep as we take on well recognized brand Herdy. Known throughout the UK but especially in the Lake District Herdy, like us, love to make people smile. A husband wife team they are inspired by the cute Herdwick sheep of the lakes. They not only support a wide range of products from sheepy walking gear to shortbread they also fund great causes like fell farming projects.


What started with an online whiskey blog is now a multiple award winning business. Bottling a wide range of whiskeys from household favourites to the very rare Great Drams are specialists in their field. They also host virtual whisky tastings where you can become a whiskey connoisseur from your own armchair. If you’re not a whiskey drinker you can always buy Greg’s book The Great Drams of Scotland Book and pretend you are!

We’ve done all we can. Now we just have to wait to the big event on Friday 13th May to hear the results. If nothing else Mum and I will be getting dolled up for a glamorous night at the Titanic hotel and dancing the night away. Whats more we’re making a weekend of it, padding the weekend out with a spa trip and a little retail therapy.

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