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The Belted Galloway

There’s a new kid in town, he’s black, he’s white he’s…striped?
There are certain breeds out there that we don’t get to see on a daily basis- unless you’re very lucky that is. The Belted Galloway is one of these rarer breeds. However, I’m very excited to introduce the latest kid on the block, Dexter, who happens to be a Belted Galloway Calf. To mark this event I thought it would be nice if we all learned a bit more about our strikingly striped, monochrome friends! So what is it about the Belted Galloway that we all love so much?

First of all they look great! Galloway cattle come in all shapes and vary in colour from blacks and brown but the most striking has to be the Belted Galloway. A solid black cow from head to toe, except for their signature white band around their belly! It’s this colour combination that has also lead to their affectionate name of ‘Oreo Cow’.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy to come by Belted Galloway, even though they hold a lot of qualities that make them perfect for British life. Originating from western Scotland they are made for wet weather and muddy fields! With a coarse, long curly outer coat and a soft undercoat they are ideally dressed for staying warm in the cold and deflecting the rain. Not only this but the long hair around their ears actually defends them from frostbite!
They are a wonderfully docile breed, with a friendly nature and are renowned for their mothering skills. Plus they are naturally hornless, making them easier to work with and ultimately safer to be around than their fellow Scotts, the Highland Cow.

As I mentioned before, you don’t often see a herd of Belted Galloway cattle grazing our fields, they were once even considered to be a ‘rare’ breed but luckily their numbers have risen enough to drop this title. However in the USA it remains a ‘watched’ breed recovering from substantial losses.

I hope that one day we will see a lot more of this beautiful breed of livestock in our countryside. Their fluffy coats and gentle character are something that we could all do with seeing a little bit more of. But in the meantime we can take great pleasure in enjoying little Dexter and his mum.

He’s a little lad with a lot of character, visit his page and discover who you too can start your own maintinance free Belted Galloway Herd!


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