Dancing Skies Canvas Print new

A stunning canvas print depicting the highland cattle under the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis has to be one of the most magical natural phenomenon, when the skies are alive with vibrant waves of green and purple. It’s a marvel only a small percentage of us will have the privilege to see however with a ‘Dancing Skies’ print you can enjoy the Aurora Borealis from your sofa all day everyday.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Lauren Terry painting without a cow, and who better to brave the snow than our shaggy friend the Highland Cow. Planted in the thick snow this pair of highlands enjoy the light show above them.

Your Northern Lights canvas print is ready to hang so you can enjoy it on the wall immediately.

The perfect print to fuel your wonderlust!

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  • 3D box canvas print
  • Ready to hang
  • Handstretched 380gsm 100% cotton canvas
  • Made bespoke in the UK


56cm x 56cm x 3.8cm

76cm x 76cm x 3.8cm

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