Wenlock Original

Wenlock is the first White Park to join the Lauren’s Cows herd. Sharing many similarities with the British White this breed is known for their beautiful white coat with black nose and ears, but unlike British Whites they have horns.

The joy of a painting is you can enhance all those beautiful colours that the naked eye misses when looking at an object or animal. It’s easy to look at at Wenlock and see black and white, but when painted you start to enjoy the pink, blues, yellows and greens that the light creates on his curls. With his bright eye, wet nose and shining nose ring Wenlock is an elegant beast for any home.


Original painting of White Park Bull, Wenlock fresh from the easel. This stunning acrylic painting is swirled with colour, from pinks and purples to blues and greens. Framed in a distressed black frame and ready to hang in your home. 

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  • Heavy bodied acrylic on canvas.

  • Framed in a ornate wood frame with a distressed finish.

  • Signed and titled by artist Lauren Terry


Canvas size 50cm x 50cm

Framed Size 54cm x 54cm

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