Mother and Daughter Business Lauren's Cows

Good Riddance!

It’s Mother’s Day, so first off I better say Happy Mother’s day, ya-dah-ya-dah-ya-da, to my mum, Jude. Jude, as you all may know is not only my mother but partner in Lauren’s Cows. Being Mother’s Day I thought this would be an opportune moment to break the news that Jude will be retiring from Lauren’s Cows in April…

Mother and Daughter Business Lauren's CowsAND I CAN’T WAIT!

Quite frankly I’ll be glad to see the back of her, I mean, what does Jude actually do? I suppose finances, order fulfilment, purchasing, customer care and exhibitions. Basically it’s the bits you don’t see (I try to keep Jude hidden in the back as much as possible). Plus I’m dubious about her competency, just look at the reviews….

‘Great Product, Great Packaging! Prompt turn around of my order. Packaging can only be described as near perfect! It looks like it would survive anything!’


I can’t keep this up!! I couldn’t be prouder of my beautiful Mum and the time she has given to this business venture. We never expected to be running an Art and Homeware brand together as mother and daughter, never mind an award winning family business! But here we are, 12 years later! 

I will forever be grateful for Jude giving me the confidence to pursue my career as an artist and offering her time to post out items and keep track of the business finances while I was living in London even though she was still working as an Optician at the time. As our brand grew she didn’t retreat but instead embraced the challenges, retiring from her Optometry and turning her attentions to Lauren’s Cows full time. And boy am I glad, she’s a whizz with numbers, highly organised, compassionate and above all keeps me in check! She’s an incredible Mum and ‘Goodja’ to my two boys! She will be greatly missed by all in our Cow Community and LC won’t be the same without her. But if anyone deserves to be sipping Piña Colada’s on hot, sunny island it’s her.



  1. Sally says:

    Enjoy those pina coladas Jude – you’ve earned them!

  2. Paula says:

    Congratulations Jude, on your retirement. You have always been so very helpful when I have had questions. Enjoy your next chapter.

  3. Julie Harrison says:

    How wonderful!

    All the best to Jude for her second retirement.

    You’re right Lauren, Jude is a master of many areas.

    Enjoy all those cocktails Jude!

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