Mother's Day Art Gifts

Why art is the perfect gift this Mother’s day

When it comes to Mother’s Day it’s easy to slip into certain gift-giving habits. Jewellery, chocolates, flowers and maybe a smelly candle. A cow picture didn’t even cross your mind. Well I am here to tell you exactly why art is a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.

'Posy' Hereford Calf print in a large dark frameIT’S PERSONAL

First and foremost it is personal. Unlike mass-produced items, each piece of art is unique. It captures a feeling and forges a connection between the artist, giver and recipient. Whether you select a print featuring your loved ones favourite breed of cow or one that reminds them of a cherished memory, you can show them how much you care with a thoughtful and meaningful present.

Hereford calf ‘Posy’ in a sea of blooms is a much more imaginative and endearing gift for a Mum who loves her garden than an off the shelf watering can!



This isn’t a gift that spends it’s time tucked away in a draw, that sits on a shelf collecting dust. Little Limousin ‘Picking Daisies’ bouquet captures that fuzzy feeling of receiving flowers so it can be enjoyed everyday. A simple Mother’s Day gift can become a cherished heirloom, passed down through generations. Even an art card can be a treasured gift.

Cute Mother's Day Card


Cow art may seem like a ‘niche’ thing but the amount of people who buy a Lauren’s Cows print without ever wanting a cow on the wall is astonishing! Don’t think, ‘She’s not really a Cow person’. A mum unwrapping a ‘Wee One’ print of a Highland Calf snuggle up to his Mother, will be equally enamoured by a Mum who loves Highland Cattle and a Mum who loves her

Highland Cow and Calf wall art



You could start something to build on over many occasions, creating Mum her very own herd! A Belted Galloway to remind you of that windy walk in the Scottish Highlands or A Friesian calf who shares the same cheeky expression as her grandson, a personalised print for her new home! The special lady in your life can curate a bespoke herd full of hidden sentiment.

In conclusion don’t play it safe! Treat that special lady in your life to something that shows you put it time and thought. I paint cows to make people smile, to celebrate the good things in life and add a touch of country life whimsy to the every day.
And if all else fails you can always get her a mug!

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