Meet Wenlock, a handsome White Park bull in all his glory. White Park Cattle are known for there striking colouring, jet black muzzle and ears on a thick white coat. However for a seemingly two-tone subject this painting is bursting with colour.

Wenlock’s thick curls are full of blues, purples, greens and yellows bringing life and texture to this portrait. You feel as if you could reach out and run your fingers through those luscious locks.

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An open edition print of unlimited quantity. A fine art print on water colour paper. Mounted in off white card. Please see ‘Frames’ page for all frame details.

Proudly made in the U.K


Small: Image size 28cm x 28cm | Finished size 40cm x 40cm

Large: Image size 42.5cmx42.5cm | Mounted Size 55.5cm x 55.5cm

Please Note, unmounted prints are not available for framing.
Sadly we cannot deliver frames outside of the UK.

Complimentary Cows

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